Types of Peels

Chemical peels are one of the most frequently performed aesthetic procedures in the US today, and their popularity continues to grow due to the variety of skin conditions in which chemical peels are of significant benefit. Today peels are tailored to very specific skin conditions.

Most chemical peels offered at Cato's Face and Body Place are designed to deliver excellent results with no down time.

The Jessners peel and Salicylic acid peel are medium depth peels; noticeable flaking and exfoliation will occur for three to four days after the peel. A consultation prior to a course of peels is required. At the time of your consultation, you and I will determine what peels would most beneficial. A course of several treatments are recommended for best results. Purchasing the post peel treatment kit is required at your first appointment. Investing in the proper home care products will ensure safer and more effective post peel results.

Peels are beneficial for:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • to improve acne
  • to improve overall texture and color of the skin
  • to fade some hyper pigmented scars e.g. acne scars
  • hyper pigmentation from sun exposure and hormones

Peels are NOT recommended if:

  • you are actively tanning or having frequent sun exposure
  • you get regular cold sores
  • you are on Accutane and other topical prescriptions
  • you are pregnant (Oxygenating treatment is safe to receive during pregnancy)